13 Feb 2016

Electronic scoring for gymnastics

One day, while a proud father watched his daughter compete in a local meet, a nagging question arose: Why were the judges still shuffling piles of paper? Prestigious events used computers and electronic signs to quickly display scores. Surely someone had developed a setup for smaller events?

That idea became Gymscore, a non-profit organization devoted to scoring high school and Club meets. On-site we provide everything needed to make scoring as painless as possible. Computers reduce scoring errors while speeding the process. Competitors' scores are immediately presented on electronic displays visible throughout the venue.

We work with Gymnastics Unlimited of Federal Way, Washington, on a regular basis. Other Clubs, as well as Washington Gymnastics Boosters, have found our services useful. We can score your meet, too. If interested, please contact us at Rick@gymscore.com.

 Recent Meets


 SPSL Sub-District - February 6th

  Qualifiers go on to the State qualifying meet on Feb 13th



 SeaMount League Sub-District - February 5th

  Qualifiers go on to the State qualifying meet on Feb 13th

 2A/3A Olympic-Narrows Sub-District - February 4th

  Qualifiers go on to the State qualifying meet on Feb 13th

 Federal Way High School - Jan 27th

 Todd Beamer High School - Jan 20th

 Todd Beamer High School - Dec 9th

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